So you want to buy a puppy!  Here is what's next!

All you have to do is send me an e-mail, or call me at 585-208-3465 to let me know which one you want!  If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help you.  If you just can't decide, tell me what you're looking for and I'll help you pick the puppy for you!


You have picked your puppy, The next step is to send a deposit in order to reserve him/her until he's/she's ready to come home with you.


The deposit to hold your puppy is 50% of the cost of the puppy you have chosen.  I accept PayPal, Money order, personal check (has to clear before puppy leaves), or bank transfers. If you would like to pay with PayPal you can send the money to my email address . Sign into your paypal account and then click on 'send money'. You'll enter my email address to send the money directly to me. If you pay with PayPal please remember to add 3% to your payment as this is what it costs to use this service. (3% can be avoided if sent to a "Friend")


At about 7 weeks after the balance is paid, If you are not picking up your puppy and plan on shipping your puppy, You just let me know a date that is good for you and I'll set everything up for you! I usually ship with Delta airlines, but can use other airlines if needed. Shipping typically costs between $300-$350 depending on current rates and where the puppy is being shipped to (crate, health certificate and final vet check are included in the price of shipping). I know it sounds complicated and scary, but I do it all of the time! It can be easier on the puppies than driving for hours.


Puppies must be paid for in full before being picked up or shipped. Puppies will not go to their new homes until 8 weeks of age, they will receive age appropriate vaccinations and have completed a worming schedule. Your puppy will come with his/her ASDR limited registration application unless he/she was purchased with full registration. 



We require a $200 deposit on future upcoming litters. (To get pick preference)  This is a non refundable deposit,  Once you pick your puppy it goes towards purchase Price. Deposits are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. I accept PayPal, Money order, personal check (has to clear before puppy leaves), or bank transfers. If you would like to pay with PayPal you can send the money to my email address 


                                                                                  Puppy Pricing                       

Our prices reflect the genetic testing that ALL of our dogs undergo prior to breeding. We pride ourselves at Magical Toy / Mini Aussies in delivering beautiful, well-rounded AND HEALTHY pups. We want to match you with a companion that will  live a very long & healthy life with you.


                                                               Merles : Female - $1500 - $2500

                                                                         Male - $1200 - $2500

                                                      Black & Red Tri's : Female - $1200 - $2500

                                                                         Male - $1000 - $2000


Our prices are estimates that are subject to change based on eye color, confirmation, unique attributes and coat markings. Sometimes prices are lower than the listing price; occasionally we have a puppy for which we lower prices in order to get them placed for their well-being.

****  Size is an estimate, based on years of experience in predicting finished ****

    height and weight, we can never guarantee a puppy’s full-grown size.
Responsible breeders require spaying or neutering of companion animals because they don't want to see indiscriminate or uninformed breeding, which could lead to a degradation of the breed's quality & reputation.  Only the top quality specimens should be considered for breeding, and the rest of the litter should be spayed or neutered.  Spayed or neutered dogs make wonderful pets, and the owner never has to worry about a female coming in season or a male becoming an unintentional father.



We won't place a puppy without a  signed contract.  Below is a pet/companion contract.  Our show/breed contracts need to be discussed individually.